Between one card and another…

My list of crafty projects to try and complete is as long as a piece of string!! :-) And so, between one card and another, I manage to finish other works too… Knitting and quilting are certainly high up in my list and given that quilting requires much more organisation, space and time, I decided to make a quick knitted hat! :-)

2016-03-01 12.10.35


I found the pattern here and simply fell in love with it!! :-) Extremely simple to knit, yet quite effective! 😉

About a year ago, at a craft fair, I discovered the fantastic DROPS yarn… What can I say…a truly beautiful yarn of great quality, fantastic colours, soft alpaca, or also alpaca and wool mix, or the more luxurious alpaca and silk mix. Its great quality also makes it a bliss to work with! :-) So I have already started another little baby hat in pink/purple shades in a fine 100% alpaca yarn…. Stay tuned!!


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